Building intercultural bridges for the future market

Thinking globally

Global Neighborhood is an integral part of today’s business world. Due to the acceleration of the pace of work and coordination in business relationships via digitalization, there is a need to develop an ability to communicate in an appropriate and efficient way across cultural boundaries. In our networked world, this ability has become a prerequisite for building effective international teams consisting of members from different cultures, mentalities and mindsets. In view of language barriers, presuppositions and previous experiences in different social situations, intercultural business communication can be a major challenge, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Working in the increasingly multicultural world requires a global mindset.

Building trust

A shared cultural understanding and a common language can result in a successful access to new and sustainable market opportunities; it creates exactly the kind of trust that enables a good economic relationship and thus a profitable, long-term cooperation.

Intercultural business communication

German Iranian Business Bridge (GIBB) focuses in particular on the reinforcement and development of economic, social, scientific, cultural and linguistic relations between Germany and Iran. Our goal is to help both German and Iranian companies maximize their cooperations and also establish a suitable platform for the prosperous development of their business relationships.

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