Intercultural consulting

Trainings and Workshops

The intercultural consulting of GIBB includes trainings/workshops in the following areas:



General intercultural competence

    • Conceptualization of culture
    • Analysis of cultural dimensions
    • Familiarity with the concept of culture shock
    • Recognizing cultural differences and similarities in attitudes and behaviors
    • Recognizing and avoiding stereotypes as well as prejudices
    • Acquiring knowledge about one’s own and other’s culture
    • Developing strategies for dealing with uncertainties and ambiguities in intercultural situations
    • Developing conflict resolution strategies
    • Implementing acquired skills and knowledge in intercultural encounters


Country and culture-specific knowledge (Germany and Iran)

    • Providing general knowledge about the target country, e.g. geography, politics, calendars, body language, clothing and eating habits, etc.
    • Intercultural preparation and cultural orientation for the purpose of a successful stay in the target country
      • Familiarity with the cultural values of the target country
      • Analysis of communication style as well as interpersonal relationships, customs and habits


Intercultural business competence (Germany and Iran)

    • Familiarity with business relationships and business behaviors (e.g. hierarchy, time orientation, etc.)
    • Developing intercultural negotiation skills
    • Preventing potential intercultural misunderstandings
    • Optimizing cooperation with target partners
    • Working on the culture-based advertising of the products in the target country
    • Developing presentation skills in the target country as well as in international contexts (tips, hints and strategies to deliver successful presentations and lectures)

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